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    Scalling objects like shapes.


      Hi there,

      This might be something very simple... or not...
      My problem is that I want to scale my symbol in ONE specific direction. Up, down, left OR right.
      Flash automaticaly scales a symbol equaly to both sides, changes the x/y values of the opposite edge from the symbol, but I don`t want this.

      I mean, I want to scale my symbols just like shapes.
      If I scale to the right, the left side stays on the same X/Y values.

      I can`t do this on flash IDE nor in actionscript.
      I would like to know if there are any solution to both cases, any ideas?

      I want this because in my movie clip I have a mask (a symbol made from a square) and I need it to scale upwards. But doing this by code makes it enlarge downwards equally screwing up my animation.

      Any suggestions ?
      Thanks in advance,