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    UITestrunner in Flexunit4 is unstable?

    leftie friele Level 1

      I have a test suite which returns varying results for each run. With just hitting the reload button the test runner stops executing on random tests causing the execution of tests to stop. What I have is a mixture of Flexunit 0.9 and Flexunit 4 tests all running in the same suite.

      Anyone else having the same problem? Right now it's hard to determine what causes the runner to stop executing as it does so on different classes each time.

      Here's the test suite setup code:


                  import org.flexunit.listeners.UIListener;
                  import org.flexunit.runner.FlexUnitCore;


                  private var core:FlexUnitCore;


                  private function init():void {


                      core = new FlexUnitCore();
                      core.addListener(new UIListener(runner));
                      core.run(UIComponentsSuite, IntegrationtestSuite);
          <flexUnitUIRunner:TestRunnerBase id="runner"/>