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    Live Preview on a Flex (compc) generated SWC

    richard.szalay Level 1

      This might be one for the Flash engineers:


      Does anyone know what criterea Flash uses for discovering the Live Preview class for a Component?




      We are attempting to automate the creation of a SWC that contains a component to be used from Flash. We are able to make it visible to flash by modifying the manifest.xml and wiring up the component definitions. However, the component cannot be dragged onto the stage (or library), presumably because it has no form of LivePreview.


      To give better clarification of where we are coming from, we've noticed the following in SWCs exported from Flash (using swfdump):

      • fl.livepreview.LivePreviewParent contains the same mod attribute as the visual component in the manifest.xml file
      • fl.livepreview.LivePreviewParent is exported as a symbol
      • The short-named component (ie. no package, referenced in the components definition in the manifest.xml) is exported as a symbol

      However, I can see no other differences between that and the SWC from Flex.


      We can obviously use JSFL to perform the task, but we'd rather not install Flash on the build server.


      Any thoughts?