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    IGTD Dave

      I created a rollover button in fireworks, created 3 states (up, over, down/click). But I can't seem to get it to work in preview or in the exported HTML.


      What am I doing wrong (or not doing right)?

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          Doug Hungarter Level 1

          Did you add the rollover behavior?

          1. Create your button (up state)
          2. Add a new State in the State panel and create your "hover" state there.
          3. Go back to State 1.
          4. Hit "k" (the keyboard shortcut for the slice tool).
          5. Draw a slice over the hoverable/clickable area.
          6. Right-click or control-click the slice (green rectangle) and select "Add Simple Rollover Behavior."


          Now when you preview, you can hit "2" to turn off your slices visually and the hover state will be shown.

          Hope this helps.