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    RAM Preview/Renders begin after long delay.


      This problem began last week. Suddenly, my RAM Previews and renders cause the spinning beach ball of death, which will last anywhere from 1-3 minutes before the actual RAM Preview or render process begins. The longest being 5 minutes, but that's only happened once.


      I'm using a Mac Pro with 8GB RAM, 2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel, OSX is current build at 10.5.7. And, I'm using CS4 AE.


      So, what could be causing the atrocious delays before beginning the Previews and Renders?


      Under preferences, I enabled disk cache, with max at 3500MB. The folder is located on an external drive connected with 800 Firewire. It's been set like this for a while without problems...


      Conformed media cache is set for the same drive.


      For memory prefs, I have:


      Total AE mem usage at 6.5GB, other apps have 1.5.


      Render mult frames simultaneously is checked, the longer RAM preview/faster rendering knob is set around midway point.


      Hopefully I didn't leave anything out. Thanks for the help in advance.