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    Recommended Reading for beginner

    David Humes

      Can anyone recommend a book(s) that would greatly benefit a Flash/Action Script beginner?


      I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, David

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          Windhorse Media

          I highly recommend "Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Classroom In a Book" as well as "ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional". I have found both of these books immensely helpful. I have seen reviews stating that these are the best training guides on the market and, from what I have seen, I would agree. They are based on working through examples, which I find a very helpful teaching style.

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            David Humes Level 1

            Never been a big fan of the Classroom series. They always seem to leave something hanging. Nevertheless, I will check it out at Borders.


            Anyone willing to back any of the foundation Flash series by Friends of Ed? they look to be right up my alley.