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    MethodQueueElement Memory Leak....what to do?

    john isaacks Level 1

      I have a memory leak, all the users testing my Flex/AIR application are saying that after running my app for a while the whole computer completely starts slowing down. So I think this must be a memory link. I ran my app in the profiler, the only thing that seems to have a significant amount of memory is MethodQueueElement which seems like instances of this class just keep building up and never going away.


      I couldn't find any info at all about this class, after researching myself I have found it to be a class defined inside the UIComponent class, which is used for storing methods to be called later. Thats about all I know though.


      I have no idea how so many instances can be pilling up, I am creating new components all the time but always cleaning them out of memory, what can I do about this?