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    Automatic vs Custom tabbing

    swindoncowboy Level 1



      We're currently uploading forms to a third party vendor.  A form's tabbing can be customized to a particular order which works fine when viewed in Adobe.


      However it does not retain the tabbing order when the form is uploaded; it seems to regress to the "Automatic" setting.  So, my first question is can I attach the order to the form so that uploading the form retains its customised order?


      I've tried to alter textbox coordinates so that one control is "higher" or the same as another.  This works if the order goes from left to right.  However, I have a form where the order travels vertically through one column.  When it reaches the bottom, the next location is the top of the next column and that's where I have a problem.  I hope this makes sense.


      Does anyone know how I can do this?