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    Is flex right for me?




      I'm planning a new software development project and I'm interested in using flex.  I'd like to get some feedback on whether flex is suited to what I want to do and what issues I need to be considerate of.


      I'm looking to write an application that will store data locally on the user's machine.  The storage will need to be database style such as berkeley db or mysql.  I want to give users the option to have their application made mobile by replicating the data onto our servers, which would then mean they could use a browser to log into our site and run the same software they run on their computer - working with their data.


      From what I can see, flex and air appear to give me what I'm looking for but I'm a bit unsure about the data access side of things.  I'm intending to use replication at the database level to handle synchronising data between the user's computer and the server so from the application's point of view, it will just connect to a different database depending on whether it's being run on the user's desktop or via a web browser.


      Is this type of setup something that flex can handle with ease or are there obstacles in the way?


      Thank you in advance