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    filter a datagrid by selecting date




      I have created a datagrid which represents a party and date column.
      It's filled from a database via wampserver.(via .php file and then xml code is created)

      I want to filter the datagrid. When you press on a date in the datechooser 'kalender' and
      click on a button "filter" then a function 'filterfuif()' is called and  the datagrid should just show the data with the right date in the datagrid
      which is selected in the datachooser.

      The date from the datechooser is being send to a label:


      <mx:Label  visible="true" text="{this.kalender.selectedDate.getDate()+'/'+(this.kalender.selectedDate.getMonth()+1)
      +'/'+this.kalender.selectedDate.getFullYear()}" id="detaildat"/>


      so the label that shows the date from datechooser is like this: 20/07/2009, and this is also the way how dates are stored in my datagrid.


      Then I wanted to create the function filterfuif() so that the label from above equals the row from
      the datagrid, in a loop. I don't have a clue if this is the right method or there is a shorter way to filter the datagrid.? the filterfunction isn't the right way when you use code via php/xml?


      Thanks in advance for your help!