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    Scrollbar inside an mc question

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a scrollbar that I customize and reuse. So far everytime I re used the scroll I copied the  layers to the main timeline and I just re did the dimensions colors etc. I need to use the scrollbar again but this time it needs to be inside a movieclip. I know I need to change the path of the AS but I'm not sure how to re write the code.


      the original AS file has an mc called "control" with the following AS


      y = getProperty("_root.text.content", _y);
      if (y>10) {
      } else {
      setProperty("_root.text.content", _y, y+15);



      I have the layers of the scroll inside a new mc called (newscroll_mc)


      How do I write the AS in the get property?


      and also there are two other frames with GoToandPlay's


      do I leave them the way they are?


      any help?