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    Flash Skin not showing up on website

    Mark Twitchell


      I am having what seems to be a common problem, but am not having any luck with any of the solutions I have tried.

      I have created a video, gone through the steps in flash cs3, and made the corresponding .swf and .flv files.

      I publish preview - html and everything works great, the video plays, the skin shows up and functions flawlessly.

      Then, I put the .flv, .swf, and skin.swf files on my hosting server put the html in my site code, and the skin won't show up.

      The video plays on its own, and the space is blank where the skin should be, just the skin is not there.

      I have tried most anything I can that I have found scouring message boards, etc, but none of the solutions are working for me.

      I can give more exact descriptions to anyone willing to help me out.

      Thanks for your time