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    Copy brush...

    JayJhabrix Level 3

      AI CS3, Win XP


      Have created a brush in a file. Now, want to use it / apply it in another file... How do i do it? Have tried to copy it... no option... Don't want to save the whole "Brush" set and re-import...


      (What just struck me... and i haven't tried it yet, is to drag the object (with the brish applied) across and then save the brush... No, that doesn't work... the brush comes across in the final applied shape... not the original, pure brush


      Sorry if this has been answered but a search threw up zero results... (Quite, my search terms may have been wrong but...)





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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Have you tried copying and pasting a path using the brush?


          That should result in the brush being included in the Brushes palette in the new file.

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            [scott] Level 6

            Sounds like your'e already aware of saving and importing Libraries, but that's not what you want?


            If you just want a single brush.. open the original file, draw a path, apply the brush, choose Edit > Cut, switch to new file, paste. The brush will be added.

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              JayJhabrix Level 3

              Jacob, Scott....


              Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! That's just it.... was trying all kinds of dumb s**t like dragging, right clicking on the brush... etc., etc. Knew it was simple but...


              Thanks... Jacob gets the full and Scott the assist purely because Jacob happened along earlier...

              This point system is soooo bad...


              Cheers and thanks again...



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                [scott] Level 6





                Jacob Bugge

                Jul 20, 2009 12:43 PM




                Jul 20, 2009 12:41 PM





                Note the times... Mine was first don't know why it's listed second. But glad you got the answer you needed.

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                  JayJhabrix Level 3

                  There Scott... that makes up for it... two correct answers and now, equal points!

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                    Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                    I posted what you see, except for the last words in the new file, and then decided to add those words for clarity, seemingly while Scott was posting.


                    And, since posting takes the poster back to the thread in its current state, Scott could have looked at my original post just above his, thus seeing that it was actually there. When I first posted, there was just the one.


                    In the fair forums, there was a timestamp for original posting and for (latest) editing.


                    Editing this post which was originally timestamped 1.24 AM, about 40 minutes ago:


                    Sometimes, in the fair forums, there were holes in the timespace continuum, so there could be a discrepancy of up to about 10 minutes, more on rare occasions. No one ever suggested a more boring explanation.