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    how to know the remoteObject call status...


      Hi , i would like to know how to know the status of  a rmote call using a remoteObject.... and take dependiing of these status make other call or not..

      o hope you can help me with this problem..





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          BennyBeta Level 4

          You may want to make us of AsyncTokens and Responders.


          The following documentation may be helpful:


          Let me know if that helps or inspires more specific questions...

          Ben Edwards

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            CiD70 Level 1

            hi... thanks for your help but i isn´t  what i need.. really i just want to trying  to know the status of a call because i need to simule a syncronic call no an asyncronic call because iam trying to write a one single and flexible  function  to set as a result eventHanddler for my remoteObject , i am working with flex convined with webOrb and php an i need to can make secuencial calls to my php classes, my funtion has been writed as follow and it is work but the asyncronics calls dont let it to work as i need(serve diferents objects with a only one remoteObject) but whern i make many calls in a single event like a applicaition complete just give data for the last object...


            public function onResultService(event:ResultEvent,oTarget:Object,cNombreArray:String):void{

                    aryDataProviders[cNombreArray] = new ArrayCollection(event.result as Array);




            thanks for your time...



            PD:i been posted the same problem 4 days ago but i have no answers.. and i just would like to know if it is possible in actionScript or not


            i am sorry abaut my write.. thanks again.