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    Distributing an AIR application on CD


      I'd like to distribute my AIR application on a CD. Many of my users will also have limited or no internet access. It's very unlikely that my target users will have Adobe Air installed, so I would like to make it as easy for them to get started as possible.


      Is there a way to make an AIR install badge install AIR from local media? (Probably not) What alternatives exist, assuming instructing the user step-by-step is not an option?


      Cross-platform is critical, and the AIR file is very large so I would prefer to only include it on the CD once (rather than twice- once in an InstallShield .exe installer, and once in an .pkg Installer package.)


      I have applied for a redistributable license but have not received word back yet.

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          Sanjay Kumar Singh

          1. After getting the redistributable license, download the installation files, and prepare the installation via a sidecar method (It first checks for runtime presence, if not present installs the runtime and then installs your application). It does runtime and application installation through a single interface and simultaneously


          2. Prepare the Mac and Windows installer versions in similar ways, and prepare a hybrid cd using Toast or similar application


          3. The same .air package can be installed on Mac and Windows, only your sidecar runtime installer will change for the MAC/WIN Hybrid CD


          4. I have tested the above with an .air file of size 900MB, It works fine


          Still any issues u can revert

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            evan64568745845674534 Level 1

            Thank you, Sanjay. I was unable to find any reference to this "Sidecar" installer up to now, but now knowing what it's called helps a great deal. Sounds like exactly what I need.


            With luck we will be granted a license soon. I had hoped to start working on this part of the process immediately, but I'll wait it out.


            Thanks again!