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    Not able to set up remote CF9 Beta server with CFB

    Blair Powell



      I followed the instructions at:



      and CFB will still not communicate with the remote server.


      I have been able to set up a local CF9 beta server with no issues.


      Here are the details:



      CF9 beta (downloaded on 7/19/2009)

      RDS enabled

      Running Windows 2003 64 bit



      Mac OS/X

      CFB Beta (downloaded on 7/19/2009)


      Set up details: I followed the instructions to the letter from http://blogs.adobe.com/cfbuilder/2009/07/remote_server_setup_is_it_real.html


      The status of the remote server is "unknown".


      I have the Admin service running (port 2910).  There are no errors or security issues reported.


      Any ideas?