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    Workflow for duplicating comps in project panel

    Andy Bay Level 2



      I have a pretty massive animation project ahead of me and I'm asking for your advice on managing all my comps and project assets.


      So far I have created the core animation that I'm going to use and the client approved it. It turned out to be a really complex one containing precomps in many "generations" (precomps inside precomps). The next thing I need to do is to make around 20 copies of the animation with different titles and other tweaks in each. Basically it's the same animation but the texts and a few other things change.


      At this stage I have two options:


      1. I could save each title design in an own AE-project. This way I could just replace the texts and then save the project with a new file name. Then in the end I would load all the 20 AE-projects in to a final render project and render them out all at the same time. There are some negative sides with this approach: The final render project would contain unnecessary duplicate files and also I would need to make changes to each project file individually if the client wanted to change something in the last minute (and they always do).


      2. I could create a folder in my project panel that has title number 001 in it with all the necessary assets. Then I would duplicate that folder and name the new folder title number 002, make the changes to it and duplicate that folder and name it title number 003 etc.. This way I would always have all my titles in this same project which would make it easier to change things.


      Now after this long introduction (sorry) I'm finally arriving at the question:


      If I choose option 2, how do I make the comps that need changing "independent"? At the moment when I change a setting in a comp in folder number 001, the changes reflect to folder 002 too -it seems that the comps are not actually independent duplicates at all but refer to the same comp. I arrived at the conclusion that renaming a comp with a new name makes it behave independently, but the problem is that the precomps inside it still link to the original folder.


      I'm trying to figure out if I have to rename every single precomp inside a precomp everytime I duplicate the main folder. Or is there an easier way to make sure that the comps behave like individual ones?


      Any help will be appreciated!