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    Binding - the best practices

    christoferek Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have 2 files:


      1. application.mxml where I want to display some variables (properties) from the second file. I will display those variables mainly as debugging infos. I will mainly use <mx:Label> tags.


      2. file.as is a class and the properties will have to be displayed in application.mxml. The instances of the class will be created during run time and not at the start.


      My question is: How do I do this? I know that binding variables is the solution to this problem. Can you give me a clue and some direction how I start with it? Perhaps some working example will be a good start.


      This is common problem I think, but I spent the whole day on studying lots of examples and I am confused now.


      Best Regards



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If File.as looks like this:


          public class File


               public var name:String = "foo";



          You can get it in your app like this:






               private var aFile:File;



          <mx:Label text="{aFile.name}" />



          Add some code to set aFile = new File() and you should see "foo" in the label


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