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    problem in using auto complete component as renderer in List

    Flex Savvy
      I my application I have a need for using auto complete/suggest component as an itemRenderer in List.I have picked the code for this component from the net.
      In auto suggest component when used as a renderer for List its working fine, but the problem with this is with the up and down arrow Keyboard events.When this event is dispatched the event is triggered for both the List and auto suggest component.I fixed this issue, but now am not able to select the item from the dropdown using the mouse click event.When I select the item from the dropdown on mouse click I am left with the entered characters in the Textbox.
      After struggling with the auto suggest component, I wanted to try my luck with the auto complete component.When used as itemRenderer for List the component is getting displayed in the List but the suggest itself is not working at all.
      I would be really thankful if anyone who has worked with this component could help me out.