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    No dataProvider for ViewStack?




      I'm designing an App that has a ViewStack with four identical custom components, each with it's own internal data that the user can set via checkboxes.  I'd really like to break away from having to do this:


      <mx:ViewStack ...>

          <ns1:OptionsPanel ... id="pref1">

          <ns2:OptionsPanel ... id="pref2">

          <ns3:OptionsPanel ... id="pref3">

          <ns4:OptionsPanel ... id="pref4">



      This just makes things really ugly and it restricts the number of views I can have to a hardcoded amount.  I can't find a dataProvider method that I could use to bind an array of OptionsPanel objects to, and this is what I'd really like to be able to do.


      Is there a way around this?  Or am I stuck having to hardcode it.




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          leybniz Level 4

          There is a way, you could go with actionScript routine to fill ViewStack from the loop of 4 items for instance, loop seems like less hardcoded


          for each (var op:OptionsPanel in yourDesiredDataProvider)



          or even better, you could build your own ViewStack descendant having dataProvider property


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