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    Unable to properly display Korean/Chinese in Premiere CS4


      I am currently using an English version of Premiere CS4. I've been editing videos and I need to use both Korean and Chinese text, but unlike the successful usage of Japanese text, I can't make it work in Premiere.


      Like my Japanese text editing, I'm simply copying and pasting from an email - so my PC can display the fonts, I just can't use them in Premiere.


      I also can't figure out if it's a unicode thing, I don't see unicode fonts available for selection.


      All I see for both Chinese and Korean are small boxes.


      Any advice?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Perhaps paste into Notepad first.  This will force the loss of all 'formatting'.  Then try a copy/paste from there to the titler.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            There are some fonts that Titler will just not display properly. It is the most finicky of all Adobe programs, that use fonts. A recent post involved Isabella and also Isabelle. In that case, the poster was able to replace both versions that she had with another foundry's version. That solved her issue. BTW, I could use both of these TTF versions in PS, AI and InDesign, with not one issue - Titler just would not display them.


            Similar happened with Japanese fonts in CS3, and the upshot was that another Japanese font had to be found. This one did work fine in the OP's case. There, the problem fonts were TTF, and OTF versions worked perfectly once installed.


            You might want to research the foundry for both of your problem fonts. If it's someone like Adobe, you might wish to see if they have those fonts in OTF, should they be in TTF, or even PS.


            Jim's suggestion of making sure that all formatting is clean is also a very good one.


            Good luck,