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    Changing Link in Menu Bar

    mikec82 Level 1

      I am new to Flash and am working on a web template I purchase online. I have a flash file called flash.fla I'm working with in Flash CS4 (trial). Of the five main menu buttons, I would like to redirect the 4th (the "videos" tab) to a youtube channel I've set up. I've located where the 4th button is in my .fla file. It's called B4. I double clicked on it, which opens it up in the timeline. There's 4 little objects in the timeline: b, b, t1, and t2.


      b is a frame, as is the 2nd b, and both t1 and t2 are documents. The only one I can open up in ActionScript is the 2nd B. I choose the GetURL from Script Assist, and put in my desired address, as follows: getURL(www.clarkvideoproductions.com/videos.html);


      I then close out ActionScript, and Export it as an Image File. I name it flash.swf to replace the .swf with the same name on my server. When I publish the new changes, the page just says Menu. If I click on that, it sends me to www.clarkvideoproductions.com/clarkvideoproductions.com/videos.html, which of course isn't there.


      Does anything look out of order that I'm doing wrong?