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    ecotours tutorial issues


      1) missing fonts in ecotours photoshop file


      When I try to import the ecotours_ui.psd into FC4beta1, a dialog box warns that the Helvetica and Helvetica-bold fonts are missing. The consequence is that the text in the navigation layer for location, tour, and gallery are not rendered and not properly converted from artwork into a button.


      2) Trial version of Photoshop CS4 Extended (v. 11 with v11.0.1 update) also does not display the ecotour psd file.  I can see the layers in the layer panel but no matter what layer is selected, only a black background is displayed in the main pane. Customer support was unhelpful since I haven't purchased a license. A web page alludes to a web-only trial support portal but it didn't contain a URL to the site. I suspect this is an activation issue but how do I resolve this? I would like to evaluate PS together with FC.