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    Someone please help :( swf wont vertically center (image included)



      I am so stressed out at doing this this. Ive been trying for over a week


      I have a 800px x 600px swf file which i have placed in to dreamweaver.

      And under the code section i have put this code under <body>


      <table height="100%" width="100%">

      <tr align="center" valign="middle"><td>


      and then before i close the code i put:





      And yes it centers horzontally BUT vertically it just stays at the top.


      I have also tried it in a tabel and few other codes but it is still not working. Could some1 please help AGAIN THIS IS A SWF FILE IMPORTED IN TO DREAMWEAVER

      Could any of use help please i would really appricate it.