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    Online e-learning. Can I use just flash to build the architecture?

    codeBeastAdobe Level 1

      I have over 100 students and 2000 more potential ones in schools that we give English classes to here in Spain.


      I am using only flash to build my games and interactive material. Once you finish one activity I load another movie into _level0 etc...

      I generally load movies and not attach.

      My question is:

      1. Will I have problems if there are 100 kids connected at the same time - or is that just a bandwidth issue with the my ISP? ie: 100 kids playing my 1MB movie is 100mb at the same time.

      2. I want to use highscores etc... I will use an sql database to keep hold of the records and fscommand with flash to get the variabes out.


      I will use dreamveaver to build the apps and registration of new users etc...


      Is this OK on its own. (Somebody mentioned Joomla etc... but I don't need that if I program it in with the system above.


      Cheers in advance (Hope this question is OK here in the forum - if not, just tell me and I'll move it)