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    Getting error with Accordion,Repeter controls.


        Hi All,


      I developed an application using Accordion,repeater controls.In my application i need to get the data from xml and dsiplay that data in accordion header.I developed below code to display the header data in accordion but i am getting an error i.e. "Repeter id is not allowed on the root tag of a component".Please suggest the solution..






      <mx:HTTPService id="myRep" url="sample.xml"  resultFormat="e4x" />



            <mx:Repeater id="myRep" dataProvider="{myRep.lastResult.number}" >
          <mx:Canvas x="64.5" y="132"   width="333" >
          <mx:Image source="@Embed(source='Imagestest.png')" id="img1" width="20" height="17" x="10" y="10"/>
          <mx:Label text="{myRep.currentItem.ssid}" id="lbl" fontSize="14" color="#483F3F" x="29" y="10" width="166"/>
          <mx:Label  text="label2" width="313.5" color="#483F3F"  x="6.5" y="41"/>


        <mx:Label text="sample" />









      Thanking you..