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    Seperate DVD installation but play from common interface

    Sanjay Kumar Singh

      I need to develop an application that comprises of several lessons, each lesson installable from seperate DVD's

      All the lessons should play from a common interface(Player)

      Option to update the player and lessons online

      For example, when the user installs the lesson3 DVD, it checks for the player, if not present installs it, and then installs the lesson3 assets

      Then if he installs lesson1, it checks for the presence of the player, if present installs only the lessons1 assets

      Similarly for all the lessons


      All the lessons should be run from a single AIR player, with icons representing all the installed levels in the main menu


      - Install the player in the program files and the various levels assets into the application data folder

           Is this possible to install assets into the application data


      - Install player and assets into program files

           The issue is if the lesson3 is installed in C drive and lesson1 in D:, how do we track and display.

           Is it possible to force the user to install in the default folder

           Is it possible to update any xml to add the installed level name, so as for the player to use when launching

      What would be the best approach