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    Recommended size for .SWF on website???

    keithwoods Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm producing an interactive video piece for my New Media masters project.  I've put it up on my website, and was wondering out of curiousity, whats the recommended upper limit for the size of a .SWF file on the internet to run smoothly? I realise CPU and internet speeds vary greatly from machine to machine along with RAM, but is there a general upper limit which shouldn't be exceeded for .SWFs?


      My project's .SWF is currently at 260kb.  It also pulls in .FLVs that are between 800kb - 1.5mb and .mp3s between 1.5mb - 2mb via XML.


      The latest prototype of my project is at www.keithwoods.co.uk if anyone's interested and would like to leave me some feedback on this post on how smoothly it ran on your particular machine and any other comments welcome.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The recommended size is the size that doesn't lose visitor interest waiting for things to appear.  There isn't a fixed number for it, just a strategy such as you seem to be following where the file size is relatively small compared to the content it loads dynamically.

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            keithwoods Level 1

            Thanks for that Ned,


            I had a feeling I was going about it the right way but just wanted to check.


            I remember hearing something about the 10 second rule for a webpage to load, and if it was any longer than visitors would get impatient (goes to show what TV's done to our attention spans!)


            I don't know if I've made this one up but is it recommended that webpages shouldn't really exceed 1mb if you want it to load quickly, or is that not as important now broadband is becoming more prevalent?