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    Flash Vars Problem -- Video Player

    MrPres9485 Level 1
      I'm using an XML Video Player on my site, and I embed the swf file in a object in PHP , which I also do for many other flash swfs. I noticed that in this player _root is not used for accepting an xml path as a FlashVar.

      I would like to pass in the path names of the 4 xml files, one for each of the video categories, and I’m passing the paths in as follows:


      I modified the AS in the fla file to accept the FlashVars:

      The_Player_MC -> Initiate Functions Layer, Line 71: xmlData.load(_root.xmlPath0);

      The gallerybuttons, Line10:





      I’m not having much luck with my implementation, and I would appreciate any insight.

      Email: MrPres9485@hotmail.com