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    Activation problem

    James Alcroft

      Don't laugh. We have RoboHelp 4 and I have just tried to install it on a new machine (having first removed it from the previous machine, big mistake).


      We can't activate this software because ecom are no longer and there is no redirection to activate it through Adobe.


      Adobe Tech support can't help activating it becuase the serial number contains alpha-numeric characters. Have to speak to customer services who will be able to give me an activation code.


      Unfortunately, customer services don't seem to know how to answer phones. After being on hold for 45 minutes having listened to one automated message and the same boring piece of music 8 times, I gaving thinking they had gone home, dispite it only being 1145am in the UK.


      How can I activate version 4? I see there is a patch for X5 to run this without activating it, is there something similar with version 4?


      We could upgrade, but the upgrade options only say from version 5, 6 or 7 and since I nobody from customer services want to speak to me I don't know if I can upgrade from version 4.


      Any help is gratefully received.



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          RoboHelp 4 Grandad? Sorry James. I couldn't resist the temptation .


          I believe that an upgrade is only available from RHX5 onwards. What this means is that because you are using an older version you would not qualify for the upgrade price and would have to pay the price for a new RH licence (RH8 now). I'm not sure if anyone can help you with activating RH4 other than Adobe themselves. They can be very slow on occasions. Perhaps now that the USA has woken up from its slumbers the activation line may be a little more responsive.


          Welcome to the RH forums BTW...


          Read the RoboColum(n).

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



            You do not need to pay for an upgrade. It is Adobe policy that users of versions of earlier versions will be given X5 free and there is then a way to run that without activation. Of course you can choose to upgrade (from any version) to the current version but that is another matter. You would only pay the upgrade price.


            I am not sure if it is Tech Support or Customer Support who should be dealing with this. I think it is Tech Support and am checking that out for you. I will let you know as soon as I get a response.


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              James Alcroft Level 1

              Thanks for the responses guys. I would upgrade, but Aunt Ethal says no


              I have already spoken with someone at tech support. They can't help with the activation becuase the serial number contains alpha-numerics. They told me to speak with customer services and they WILL be able to help.


              I will try again in a short while. Give the USA time to get sleep out of their eyes.



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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                Try UK Support.




                There is a dropdown to select UK.


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                  James Alcroft Level 1

                  I have managed to speak to someone at customer services. Gave him all the details to check the serial number, he went away to check, 5 minutes later I was disconnected.


                  Adobe Customer Service sucks, sorry to say.


                  How can I get the free upgrade to version 5? I am not prepared to purchase version 8 as a new product where there are other products available. We probably don't use RoboHelp to its full potential and I am guessing there are other tools, much cheaper, which do what we want.


                  Upgrade to version 5 seems good, but if I can't do that we may have to look elsewhere.