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    (CS4) How to change text in character format?


      Hello scripters,

      I need help for a problem with "FindChangeByList":


      I want to change text with special elements (and more than one element),

      for example: color:black AND italic AND subscript

      (or elevated, capital, small caps)

      and change it in a character format  that i have defineted before

      (lets call it for example "01-xyz").


      As i understand it, i can make it with the "FindChangeByList-sript" and GREP


      But what must stand here "?"

      grep {find what:"?"} {change to:"?"} {include footnotes:true, include master pages:true, include hidden layers:true, whole word:false} Find all double spaces and replace with single spaces.


      Can anybody help me, please?

      Yours Oliente