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    Controlling Code hinting in an Actionscript-Only SWC


      I have an actionscript-only SWC file.  I'd like to release it with the compc -debug=false flag turned on.  However, when I do this, the code hinting when someone uses my swc is't as useful.  Is there any way to make the compiler NOT rename my function variables on an interface class without resorting to turning -debug=true?


      With -debug=true, in code hinting, I get:


      getLicense(email:String, password:String, corpId:String, productCode:String, version:String, type:String, days:int, market_source:String, useQueue:Boolean=false)


      With -debug=false, in code hinting I get:

      getLicense(arg0:String, arg1:String, arg2:String, arg3:String, arg4:String, arg5:String, arg6:int, arg7:String, arg8:Boolean=false)


      As you can see, the minute I turn off debug, my SWC isn't as useful to a developer.  They have to continually swap between their code and hunting through my AsDocs.  I'd like to have a way to leave -debug=false, but not have the compiler mess up my interface function declarations.