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    Making Movieclips Inactive

    Arcvane Level 1

      Hey all, I'm kinda new to ActionScript so I'm hoping you can help me.

      I have a movieclip that effectively functions as a button, which we'll call BtnA. When I click it, another movieclip containing the content (CntntA) fades in (this mc is on another layer). Then when I click another button (BtnB) CntntA fades out and CntntB fades in.

      I've got all this working fine for now, but the problem I have is that once BtnA is clicked, it is still clickable and it fades CntntA back in even though it is already active.

      Is there a way to disable BtnA after CntntA has appeared? So u can still see it, but you cant click it? Obviously I'll need to do this with BtnB and any future buttons I add, but any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks very much...