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    ASCII and Unicode problem...

    Charles G Rouleau

      Would you happen to know if InDesign CS3 still recognizes ASCII characters in an Applescript?

      I did some tweaking of a search & replace script (formerly used in Quark 6.5), to apply in InDesign, but it doesn’t seem to work.

      I read online that when Leopard came out, ASCII became obsolete but InDesign CS3 would be fully compatible with Unicode. So I entered Unicodes in the script and that didn’t work either.

      I also tried saving the script as “text” instead of “script” since some of the default Applescripts in my InDesign folder are “text”. But that didn’t help either.

      Script permissions are set to read/write/execute, so that can’t be the issue.

      Any ideas or suggestions?


      (attached is a portion of the search and replace Applescript, and sample InDesign file I’ve been running the script on)