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    xfdf post problem introduced in Adobe Reader 9.1.2?




      In the past couple weeks, we've had many customers reporting errors with using the xfdf post-back feature of Adobe Acrobat docuements we use.


      They said this was not a problem before they upgraded to Adobe Reader 9.1.2.


      I have not been able to reproduce the problem here with Adobe Reader 9.1.2, but I'm guessing that maybe their configuration is slightly different from my test configuration of machine/Adobe Reader 9.1.2...


      To summarize how we use xfdf post-back:

      1.) The Adobe Acrobat .pdf has a button image with the Acrobat variant of javascript handling a "button push" to do an http post of the xfdf data to our server.

      2.) The server then processes the xfdf data.


      This has always worked fine in the past, but would appear to (under some yet unspecified client-side circumstances), cause an error.  Note:  the server-side appears to not be the root of the problem because the same server is used with the client-machines (client-machines meaning the acrobat plug-in inside an IE browser) that do work, and also with the client-machines that don't work.


      Additional note:  The client-machines that do work...always work.  The client-machines that don't work, never work.


      Attached is a screenshot of the Microsoft Fiddler (protocol monitor tool) request and response data of the xfdf post.


      Thoughts on what might be the problem?