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    HTML component scrolling (verticalScrollPosition/scrollv)


      I'm trying to use an HTML component to do some of the rendering in my application and I need to be able to scroll the content to the bottom as things get added to it.  It looks like I should be able to use the verticalScrollPosition property of the HTML component (which should correctly set the scrollV property on the htmlLoader).  However, when I do this, I see the scrollbar jump to the bottom go immediately back to the top.


      I'm logging the scrollV value of the htmlLoader when I do this and it looks like it's being set correctly (contentHeight - htmlLoader.height).  On successive calls to set the verticalScrollPosition property, I can see that scrollV had been set correctly.


      Anyone know what might be going wrong or encountered this problem before?

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          SilentChris Level 1

          So, I think I figured this one out.  I was setting the htmlText property of my HTML component when I wanted to add content.  However, doing this causes the whole thing to redraw and scroll to the top.  Unfortunately, this meant that I had to wait until getting an HTML_RENDER event before I could rescroll to the bottom and that sometimes even then it didn't work.


          Instead, I now do everything using functions on the HTML DOM through ActionScript.  So, instead of saying:

                htmlText += "<p>blah<p>"


          I am now using:

               var p:* = html.htmlLoader.window.document.createElement('p');

               p.innerHTML = 'blah';




          This keeps the existing html content intact and allows scrolling to work much better.  It's just a little more lengthy in terms of amount of code.