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    Why is reader looking for linked pdfs io the c drive instead of the server location


      We have a websphere web server where we host a pdf document with relative links to other pdf documents stored on the same server. Most of our customers have no problems accessing the linked documents. All too frequently, however, we have customers who can open the main document but cannot access the linked documents. The error message usually gives a file path like ///C:\foofolder\document.pdf or c:\documents and settings\name\temp\foofolder\document.pdf and the message file cannot be found. The linked files are stored in folders stored on the server with the main document. It seems that Reader is resolving the relative links to an absolute link on the customer's local drive. I must beleive this is a security issue on their side or some kind of a setting they are using inReader. This happens on Macs and Pcs.

      Can anyone help resolve this issue?