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    Adobe Clip Notes in Acrobat Reader Not Working


      I am having an issue with acrobat reader not processing the clip notes correctly.  In Acrobat Reader 9.1 the clip notes do not process and save with the time line.  All notes are placed in one box and are not saved intividually with the time line code.  The export option button is there but does not work.  This is happening not only for my customer but for me as well using a computer with only Acrobat Reader installed..  (9.1)


      So there seems to be an issue with Acrobat Reader and clip notes... It works fine on my system with Acrobat Pro installed but from my understaning, it should work with Acrobat Reader as well.. 


      Any help would be appreciated.. I lost my connection to support..  I was on the phone and it went dead and no one has called back yet..


      I am using all CS4 producst (Master Collection)  So this is being exported to .pdf by Premier Pro CS4