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    uninstall vs deactivate

    AJ Owens Level 1

      I have to move my Frame 9 installation to a new drive.


      I have uninstalled Frame 9 from the existing drive, but a colleague says I needed to deactivate it.


      Did the uninstall perform a deactivation automatically?  If not, how do I regain the installation rights from the previous instance?

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AFAIK, if the re-installation is on the same machine, then you don't have to deactivate. There's a set of activation FAQs at: http://www.adobe.com/products/activation/

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            AJ Owens Level 1

            Thanks. I don't know what the IT guys have planned -- same processor, new drive, or whole new machine. All I know is this one's acting up and they want to rebuild it.


            I'll read the FAQ. Thanks for the pointer!

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I have to disagree here. If you reformat the drive, you don't need to reactivate, but I believe a new drive will require activation. I'd rather be safe and de-activate even if it means re-installing the software first. If its not possible and you have used your activations, Adobe will grant you an additional activation. So I wouldn't sweat it, but if I can avoid the hassle, I do.

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                Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If the machine is being rebuilt, rather than just a new drive being added, then I would go with Mike's recommendation to deactivate. The Adobe Licensing software is finicky & ornery, hiding stuff all over your drive. If you replace the drive, then this prior info is lost and you could be up the creek without a paddle. I just went through an exercise in frustration trying to get all components of the TechCommSUite running properly after a disk glitch forced me to LicenseRepair and re-install, since I couldn't deactivate prior to having the disk hiccup. The only saving grace was a deactivation followed by an uninstall, running Adobe's clean scripts and a re-install to get things working properly.

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                  AJ Owens Level 1

                  Thanks, but it's moot; I've already uninstalled. To deactivate it I would have to install it again. But if I attempt an install, I am asked for the license key, so it's not clear whether my prior activation is still in effect.

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                    Art Campbell Level 3

                    I've never had a problem with Adobe tech support when something like this has happened -- installation support is free, and they're quite familiar with this scenario. So best case is the software will go on and activate without a hitch. Worst case is the activation will be screwed, which means you have a 30-day window during which the software works to give you a window to call Adobe tech support and get it resolved. Which usually isn't a big deal -- just keying in a new key.



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                      AJ Owens Level 1

                      Thanks, I've filed a Customer service case and am waiting to hear back. If they're familiar with this scenario, maybe they should do something about it!