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    Uninstalling Adobe Reader 8

    Red Begonia



      I have been trying to uninstall Reader 8.1.6 and patch CPSID_49167 and I've run into problems.


      I can't remember the exact sequence of events but I now have Reader 8.1.6 still installed (and functioning) but Add/Remove Programs does not give me the option to remove Reader 8.1.6 and Patch CPSID_49167 is also listed in Add/Remove Programs but cannot be removed separately.


      I installed Reader 9.1.2 thinking that Reader 8.1.6/patch would be uninstalled in the process but this turned out not to be the case. So, I've now got both Reader versions 8 and 9 installed on my computer.


      Can anyone advise how I uninstall Reader 8 (including patch)?


      Many thanks