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    Class or interface 'orange' could not be loaded


      Hi all


      I have been asked to convert a Flash CS3 AS3 movie into a Flash 8 AS2 movie.  Its all gone quite well, I just have one last little issue.  When I test the movie from within flash I get the following error : "Class or interface 'orange' could not be loaded".  The file still runs, but just to look more professional I would like to get rid of this message!!!


      To explain the file a bit more.  I have a movieclip in the library called 'orange', it has an ID of 'orange' and a class of 'orange'.  I have ticked to export for AS and in the code it is only mentioned once : var t = this.attachMovie("orange", "orange"+i, i);


      Can anyone explain to me what's going on?  I've looked around on google, but the help there always seems to mention external .as files when I am not using an external file, just adding a MC from the library to the stage.


      Thanks all