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    Debugging using CFBuilder

    Bhakti Pingale Level 2


      For those who are interested in debugging files using CFBuilder, please find the detailed video explaining all the steps to setup and use debugger at: http://blogs.adobe.com/cfbuilder/2009/07/debugging_in_cfbuilder.html


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          Zanzibar96 Level 1

          I was looking at that captivate presentation but when I got to the part about setting up a debug configuration, I wasn't able to sellect the drop down on my mac. Any ideas around that issue?

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            Bhakti Pingale Level 2

            If there is only one Project created in the workSpace by default the Project in the dropdown would be that. I have tried this several times and doesnot give me any problem.

            Have you tried the second method of Debugging by Default config?


            Can you explain me your Config? Is CFBuilder installed as a standalone or plugin?



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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here's something odd: for those of us who read the forums by email, the URL Bahkti offered shows up as:


              webmail.adobe.com/OWA/redir.aspx?C=79a4528fed12431e9088c7ff552d5449&URL=http%3a%2f2fblogs. adobe.com%2fcfbuilder%2f2009%2f07%2fdebugging_in_cfbuilder.html


              But when I login to the forums to visit the message, the URL shows up correctly as:




              Now, maybe Bahkti went back and edited that since posting it originally. Or maybe the forums software does something whacky with URLs when the messages are sent out as emails here. I'd noticed it before. That would be a shame.


              Anyway, since some others may not have thought to log in to check it out, but wanted to know the correct URL, that's why I've written this.


              I have also removed the http prefix from the URLs above in the hope that, if there is some oddity with the forum software, the prefix not being there will help avoid the problem. :-)

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                Hi, say I have multiple local domains pointing to my.first.domain and my.second.domain.  I am able to set up the RDS with my.first.domain port 80, but when I try to add my.second.domain port 80, it throws an error saying "Server with the same home and port already exists. Existing server: my.first.domain.


                Any idea to fix this?  Thanks.

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                  Bhakti Pingale Level 2



                  You can add a single server in CFB. Goto the second page and in the 'Virtual Hosts' tab make an entry for your domains with their respective document roots.


                  Try this and let us know if you can connect and preview your pages.




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                    cfml_derek Level 1

                    Ah, I missed the 'Virtual Hosts' when I was setting up the ColdFusion Server

                    Settings.  Now it seems I can edit what is already defined.  How can I

                    modify my existing server?


                    I can add a new one because it keeps complaining that "Server with the same

                    home and port already exists.  Existing server: My Local 1"




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                      Bhakti Pingale Level 2

                      Yes, You can edit the server by double clicking on the server name in the Server's view or Right Click on Server view-> Edit Server

                      The same Server Wizard will open up, you can go to Second page, and use 'Virtual Hosts' tab.


                      Please make sure you specify this virtual host when you associate the server with the Project. That is, after the Virtual Host is added, Goto Project Right Click-> Properties -> ColdFusion Server Settings.

                      Here in the Server drop-down you will see option for your newly added virtual host( in the 'Server name-Virtual host name' format). Associate this one with your Project.




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                        cfml_derek Level 1

                        Thanks!  This works.  By any chance, do you know about how I can set up the

                        debugger to open up the page correctly for fusebox 3 app?


                        For example, when the page to be debugged is page1.cfm, but the URL should

                        be something like index.cfm?fuseaction=circuit.fuse.  Can this be done in

                        the debugger?


                        Right now it's just trying to load page1.cfm on the URL.





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                          Bhakti Pingale Level 2

                          Hi Derek,


                          Currently we don't support applying URL Prefix (Project right click->URL Prefix) on individual files.  You can log an enhancement for the same.