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    open gl texture error


      hi can any one help. I recently upgraded to cs4 still running my old nvidia gt8600. the open gl was working perfect for awhile, only probl. was my boris opengl plugins worn't supported. i did researched and found it was my nvidia driver so I updated it an cool all was working great. after about a week ae started crashing telling me that a texturewas to small to render, I have gone through every forum and cant fix this problem. Yes i need to get a decent video card but money is tight and this 1 was working.


      any suggestions please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to finish a project

      thanks in advance

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          What operating system are you on and what is it you are trying to do? "Texture too small" is more or less a transparency blending problem (see http://aeerrors.myleniumstuff.de/?p=750) or texture cropping problem, so it matters, what you are doing. comp preview res and size e.g. on text layers could be influential. The 8600 series should be just fine. While not exactly a precise comparison, the mobile version works just fien in my Macbook both under OSX and Vista, so something else must be the problem.