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    Exporting flash movie as animated gif with no dithering

    sneakyimp Level 2

      I'm trying to make a progress indicator GIF for some AJAX work using Flash.  I see that when I export as an animated GIF, I can choose the number of colors from 4 to 256 or 'standard colors'.  What I CANNOT seem to do is export an animated gif that doesn't have some dithering going on.  I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions about this.  I've tried restricting my flash movie to only 'web-safe' grays (and very few at that) such as FFFFFF, CCCCCC, 999999, 666666, etc. but that doesn't help any.  Even square blocks with just those colors end up getting dithered.


      My intuition tells me I either need to find out exactly what color palettes Flash uses (or are they adaptive palettes??) or perhaps there's some other setting I'm missing.