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    Trouble "Sharing" HDV Edit

    rtprtp Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I am having a few issues, which is undoubtedly user error, so I could use some help.


      1) Shot standard def and edited final output to DVD with my Canon XH A1 HDV cam without any issues. Capture worked fine, could control the cam from the computer and see the footage in the capture window


      2) Shot HD in 60i, but couldn't see the footage in the capture window. Had to use the LCD on the cam. Capture worked out fine however, as did the edit.


      3) Output the edit to .MOV and looks awesome, even with the cam set on "auto". But I tried to save it as an mpeg or AVI, it saved ok, but my computer says it doesn't know how to play a .m2t file. How should I be "Sharing" this to view on my computer (and with which settings), other than using Quicktime?


      Thanks in advance for any help?