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    Audio is High Pitched, Sped Up, and Skipping


      I have 3 Mini-DV I recorded one after another.  They are from a Sony camcorder and are all imported in AVI format.


      All 3 of the tapes play just fine in windows media player or any other player.


      However, the first, when imported in to PRE7 for editing is messed up.  The audio is high pitched, sped up, and sort of skips in a double kind of way if that makes any sense.


      The other 2 tapes imported just fine for editing.  Is there a way to make sure the settings are all meshing up with this one tape?  I dont think I changed any settings on the camera between tapes but maybe I did something with the audio.


      Anyways, any help is appreciated.  I do not have the tapes any more, just the AVI files (which as I said play fine outside of PRE7).