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    Notifying Lightroom of updates to a file

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      I've been trying to work out how to have a helper application create or update image files, and have them automatically added back into the current catalog.  While the means to get the file back into the catalog exists, the only way to find the file has been created/updated is to poll the filesystem at regular intervals to try to detect the change.  This brute force approach is resource intensive and slow so I'm looking for a better way.


      Photoshop CS4 includes code similar to the following in its javascripts (e.g. merge to HDR).  This indicates there is a better way built into Lightroom already, but it hasn't been shared with us developers yet:


      var  gBridgeTalkID = 'lightroom-2.0';

      status = photoshop.openFromLightroom( filename, null, gLightroomDocID, gBridgeTalkID, gLightroomSaveParams, DialogModes.NO );


      I'm using javascript already so would be quite happy to use photoshop scripting/bridgetalk mechanisms to notify Lightroom of the changes to the file.  Does anyone know where the documentation is for the Lightroom document ID/BridgeTalk interface so I can call it?  The openFromLightroom function seems to be implemented in CS4 (and not as a Javascript file) so I can't use it as documentation for the interface.





      PS I've lodged a feature request to have this included in the documenation for the next SDK release.