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    download froze

    myopic4141 Level 1

      A memory card failure forced me to rebuild my system which lost all my adobe ebooks (I wish there was a way to preserve these books for rebuild).  In trying to download a copy of a purchased ebook, Adobe Digital Editions began a second download of the same book and then froze with the downloading document window open displayed with no download.  I suspect the second attempt at downloading exceeded my maximum allocated download of this addition (I am only limited to three).  What I now have is a downloaded copy of the ebook, a blank book displayed with title, and the download window and the program is unresponsive to the mouse.  If I delete the edition, I will have to repurchase the ebook to download it again which would make it the third time I  have had to purchase the ebook to get it downloaded into the system because whenever a system failure occurs, I have to download the book each time.  Attached is a screendump of the current situation for Adobe Editions.