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    Problems exporting to Dreamweaver


      Hello Adobe community. I built  vertical navigation in Fireworks CS4 with up, over and down states for each of 5 buttons. I exported it for Dreamweaver (CS4) and it worked. The customer wanted a design change so I re-did the buttons. When I previewed the changes in Fireworks it worked beautifully and when I previewed the changes in the browser (Firefox), again it worked and looked just as I designed it with the up, over and down states working as they should. But when I exported it using the wizard or the regular export to Dreameweaver (CS4), and then when I previewed it within Dreamweaver (Firefox), I saw the up state but no rollover action taking place (switching to the other states). And the Home Button shows the over state of the OLD version prior to the customer making changes! errr!


      Any idea how to make sure the old one is completely gone (even though I think it was all deleted from the root folder)? And why the new over and down states are not shoing up at all. It seems like the over and down state slices didn't transfer but the up states did.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks so much.



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          I had a similar problem:


          If you use multiple pages sometimes you have to 'touch' every page before Fw will export it correctly. I suppose this is a bug.


          So, when you start Fw and you export your site, only the current page will be exported correctly. You have to click through all the pages in the page panel and then (maybe) the export will work (it did for me).


          Hope this helps.

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            Make sure you delete the original version of your navbar from the page in Dreamweaver, and delete the image files from the assets folder before exporting the new version and adding it topyour Dreamwweavwer page. Also, remember to clear your browser cache before previewing the new version.