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    Cannot install trial PE7


      System is ECS RS400A, 3ghz P4, 2gb, 500gb/250gb/160gb drives, Nvidia 8400GS, XP Pro SP2. Runs PE2-3-4 like a rock, XP is in good shape, no other "wierd Windows" issues going on, other installs proceed just fine. Son purchased new Samsung flash mem camcorder, and he's used to PE4, in fact more used to it than I am (!) and so naturally wants to stay with it. New cam outputs only MP4 so now we must do "something else" for software, as PE4 wants nothing to do with MP4.


      Downloaded and installed trial version code. Ran the small unzipper which correctly unzipped files. Was able to install this code onto a different machine in our network, over the network, without issue. Now trying to install on the downloading machine, and it fails.


      Starting at setup.exe, the installer window comes up, I select "english", then proceed, and then after 2 seconds an error dialog box entitled "windows installer version blah blah.." comes up, listing all the various switches available to windows installer, as if the command to installer was wrong.  It exits.


      I saw and ran the KB which evidently updates windows installer, but it made no difference.


      So, I get the dialog box with the installer switches listed, then it exits and that's all, folks.  Have to confess, have never seen this one before.


      I must say, so far I'm not particularly impressed with 7; either on son's 3ghz P4 Asus @2gb, nor my ECS which currently refuses to install. On the Asus, it spends most of its time doing "something" which pegs CPU at 100% for extended periods of time, and performance is quite jumpy and fairly unlikeable overall. But my mission right now is to try it on my ECS to see if it is equally bad there or if it actually works. Or, maybe we have to move on to some other software with MP4 support... thought we've been so happy with PE in the past I hate to leave now.


      Are people actually using PE7 successfully?  Don't want to sound "negative" but every so often, things are released that are just useless... so if this is one of them I'd like to cut and run now rather than screw around forever trying to fix everything with patches, reinstalls, mods, etc. etc.  Been there, done that, it's all overrated.


      Thanks for your input.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          In my experience, Premiere Elements 7 is one of the most stable builds yet.


          But it does demand that your system be up to date. That means you not only need to ensure an updated operating system (by manually going to Windows Update and getting all of the updates listed under the Custom button) but also RealTek drivers and, very importantly, Quicktime.


          As I say in the FAQs to the right of this forum, Secunia offers a free program that will ensure that all of your computer's supporting programs are up to date. Once you've got everything updated, the Secunia program will do most of this maintenance for you.



          I also do some weekly clean-up and maintenance that keeps my system running better than the day I bought it (nearly 5 years ago!).


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Most recent Adobe installers rely heavily on Flash to function. Since you have already updated the MSI (was going to be my comment, but you've already done that), I'd follow Steve's tips and also make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe's free Flash Player from the Adobe site.


            Also, make sure that you have booted to a full Administrator account on the one machine.


            If this does not work, try installing in Safe Mode. This might not be possible, as I believe that the trial of PrPro will not install in Safe Mode. Most other Adobe programs will, including PS, AI, AE and InDesign.


            Good luck,



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              Blaine97 Level 1

              Some progress, now another aggravation.


              After updating everything (Quicktime, Itunes, whatever else was suggested) to no avail, I tried just

              manually installing, using "msiexec /i <the .msi filename here>" and it did go through and install correctly.


              Now however, it tells me I can't run it as my trial period has expired.


              Sure enough, going back to my notes, I did install Ver. 7 apparently last September to take a quick look at it.  Quite some time

              after that, I must have uninstalled it and forgot all about that.


              Now unfortunately as I do need to check it out again, apparently I cannot.


              Is there any path through this or do I just need to go find some other product?


              Thanks for your help,

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Sure enough, going back to my notes, I did install Ver. 7 apparently last September to take a quick look at it.  Quite some time

                after that, I must have uninstalled it and forgot all about that.

                Unfortunately, the 30-day trial is just that. Once it expires, the only choice is to install it on another computer and try it out there. No way around that, unfortunately.


                Is there any path through this or do I just need to go find some other product?


                Other than the above suggestion, you will either need to try out another product, or purchase PE7, as Adobe offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


                Since you worked with the trial, and much has been written about the program, I would suggest also looking at several books on PE7, plus reviews. With the initial experience, plus this data, you should be able to make a decision.


                Should you have any questions on how the program works, please do not hesitate to ask them here, or on Muvipix, in their "Community," which has a dedicated PE7 sub-forum.


                Good luck,



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                  Blaine97 Level 1

                  Ok, I set up a spare disk, installed a quick XP pro to test, installed all the proper drivers, and then installed PE7 again.


                  This confirmed my earlier problem: upon loading the MP4 clips (total of 3 test clips, 4 minutes total length), the system goes into some sort of huge 100% CPU operation which lasts for A Long Time... it works and works, and slowly the yellow line proceeds through the clips... so after waiting maybe 15 minutes, it appears to be done with that (lots of time for a 4 minute clip), then I tried playing the clips.  Performance is pretty much useless again.  Bear in mind now that we have installed the trial here on 2 completely different machines, each running p4 @3ghz, each 2gb memory, one is an ECS motherboard, one an Asus, and both these system have pretty much flawlessly run everything else we throw at them.  And they both run PE4 quite happily as well, albeit not with MP4 files.


                  But now they both go into some kind of apoplectic seizure with PE7 attempting to work with the MP4 files we send to it.


                  This started because we gave our son a new Samsung camera which outputs MP4 files.  Any chance there might be something "wrong" with the MP4 files this things puts out?  Maybe PE7 just isn't happy with them?


                  Our experience with PE4 and prior was that one could just blithely drag the 'pointer' back and forth in the timeline and the preview window would display frame for frame, wherever you were.  As soon as we try that now, CPU instantly hits 100% and it's dead in the water again until we wait and wait and wait.  It almost feels like there is some sort of perpetual "conversion" going on, frame for frame or something like that.  Very unnerving... unusable, actually.  I'm very intrigued to hear how others are doing with MP4 stuff.


                  Something is clearly wrong but I have no idea what it might be.  I would think this should have come up before though...


                  Clues very much appreciated.



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                    Paul_LS Level 4

                    Sounds like PE7 does not like the MP4 clips... which is not unusual. Your best bet is to probably convert them to DV-AVI if they are standarde definition or HDV MPEG2 if high definition. Check the FAQs for conversion methods.


                    By the way which camera model is it?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      I second Paul's suggestion.


                      Although Premiere Elements can be set to work with AVCHD MP4s, other types of MP4s (such as those from flash-based video cameras) simply arent' compatible with the program.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        The length of time to process the H.264 CODEC is dependent on your system. There is a lot of work to be done with those files. If you want more speed, you'll probably be looking at dual Quad-Xeon's, or a really hot i7. For playback, I'd strongly suggest a RAID media array, and a dedicated controller card for it. Playback is dependent on I/O first, and CPU next. The decoding is more dependent on CPU.


                        I'll throw in a third vote for conversion outside of PE. Also, it will be the exact same thing, were you on PE's big-brother, PrPro. You system will still be the bottleneck.


                        Good luck,



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          For some tips on setting up a computer for NLE work, follow the links in this ARTICLE. Harm Millard tells you how to build a workstation.


                          Good luck,



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                            Blaine97 Level 1

                            Thanks to all for the help.  Maybe flash-based cameras aren't such a great idea after all?  It just seems so much better to me than tape or onboard harddrives... and I'm not a big fan of having to go through a conversion process on every single clip... sounds like a bad idea to me.  So far I can't find a converter that does anything more than extract only the audio... no video so far... though I've only tried a couple of them.


                            Sheesh... we thought we did a fairly good job of researching this thing but for some reason I guess I never thought about the output format.  Oh Well... maybe it's back to tape...


                            Thanks again folks.

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                              Blaine97 Level 1

                              Uh oh, forgot to mention, this is a Samsung SMX-F34SN.